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Welcome to 2 Girls from LA

Ingrid Stokes and Shelayne Turner are co-hosting a weekly podcast that only two lifelong friends can do. Everything you need to know about being raised in Los Angeles, and as minority women who have to navigate through friendships, loves lost and found, and enemies alike. All this, while living some crazy-ass adventures that are usually only found in the movies.


Best friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in the heart!

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Listen in to our weekly podcast

New Episode : Every Monday morning

For our podcasts, we deep dive into girlfriends and talk about how we survived over 3 decades still be best friends. Look at other friends over the years, and how they kept us closer than ever without the expense of losing each other’s back throughout it all. Nothing is perfect, and don’t expect us to be the exception. We may fight occasionally, but always will be there when we need.


Hard to find, Lucky to have, & Always wa
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