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2 Girls from LA

Hard to find, Lucky to have & Always want it All!

Ingrid Johnson-Stokes and Shelayne Turner, are lifelong friends who are living their best lives. From LA to Chicago, they are keeping a friendship that travels across the United States and abroad. Although they have very different opinions and views on many topics, they are always friends first. Over the years through many ups and downs, together they faced obstacles that fake friends would walk away from. Instead, these two girls from LA grew closer, wiser and smarter ladies who value friendships above all else. They call each other sister-friends, they are the family they pick!

On the weekly podcast, they will offer you genuine conversations, heartfelt topics and tons of straight-talking, along with stories that people outside of LA only dream about happening. Living in LA is where dreams are made and its not just lyrics in a song. Its the approach to how you live your life. These days everyone has a voice on many channels, but we promise you no one has a voice like us! 



Ingrid Johnson-Stokes is newly-ish married now living in Chicago, who recently became a stepmom and wife all at the same time. Having worked in retail all her life, now considers herself an international shopping connoisseur. She loves her family above all else. She loves being a super aunty to her nieces and nephews, but especially her young niece Vivi with Down Syndrome.

Being a nerd/Syfy/geek girl, who believes Harry Potter and Twilight characters are real. Who is nicknamed Doobie and is always sparkling literally everywhere she goes. But as she has gotten older, she has become less inhibited. With the weekly podcast as a way to let out a little steam, no telling what will be said or seen. Ingrid figures by doing this, if she explodes, everyone will clearly have seen it coming.



Shelayne was born and raised in Los Angeles and she can’t imagine herself living anywhere else. 

As the youngest of four she will admit all her life she has been spoiled, but also being the youngest it has taught her to speak up for yourself and always go after what she wants .

She is the founder of “Aunties Kids Closet” Foundation a foundation that helps to provide clothing, toys and other essential items to Foster children in the Los Angeles area this a passion close to Shelayne’s heart, for she is Foster mother to her nieces and nephews and sees the certainty’s Foster kids go through.

“Outspoken and Bold, always with a HEART of GOld.”


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